• Base RH

    Portage et développement de la nouvelle base RH du laboratoire CREATIS + Interfaçage web.

  • Brain-perfusion

    Database of brain perfusion for Team 6

  • Cardiac Fiber Strain

    This project was initiated in the context of the doctoral stay of Christopher Casta at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) during the period end-April until end-October 2011.

  • crea3Dbeam

    3D GPU-based ultrasound image reconstruction

  • CreaMotion

    CreaMotion is dedicated to motion estimation algorithms study and development.


    This software allows to simulate the nonlinear ultrasound radio frequency (RF) images obtained with linear sources. Indeed, CREANUIS software couples two different approaches:

    A nonlinear propagation field simulator, based on a generalized angular spectrum approach method....

  • CreaTools

    Suite of medical image processing and visualization software and development tools.
    Software keywords: Aplication, Developer tool (format: bbs,bbg), C++, wx|vtk, BBTK|creaMaracasVisu, linux|windows|macos

    • bbGEditor

      BBTK graphic editor of bbs format of the Black Box Tool Kit library.

    • BBTK

      Black Box Tool Kit

    • crea

      The core of Creatools Suite: All cmake functions to detect needed libraries and provide available linkages.

    • creaBruker

      Bruker format

    • creaCartography


    • CreaCLI

      Interoperability for CreaTools

    • creaContours

      Manual contours edition (Application)

    • creaEnvironment

      N-Dimensions management

    • creaImageIO

      Library dedicated to manage and index medical images (many formats supported : DICOM, jpeg, mhd, US, own formats...).
      In particular, it provides a high level widget called Gimmick! (Give me my medical images quick!) which reads standard image formats (jpg,tif,...) and medical ones (mhd,hdr,DICOM) and allows to organize images into different trees (the usual and by default is DICOM tree: patient |_ series |_images) which are stored in SQL databases hence can be retrieved quick. A previewer allows to display the selected files....

    • creaMaracasVisu

      2D and 3D visualisation with vtk and wx (Library)

    • CreaMiniTools


    • creaRigidRegistration

      2D and 3D manual rigid registration

    • creaToolsTools

      Generates installers for Linux and Windows operating systems.

    • creaVtk

      vtk utilities (Library)

    • creaWT

      Web interface for BBTK applications
      Use WT server/client and XTK client for the 3D visu with javascript.

  • DémoUS

    Démonstrateur de l’équipe ultrasons (n°3) qui permet en temps réel sur l’échographe Ultrasonix, d’acquérir des données et de les traiter avec des algorithmes développés par l’équipe

  • MotionFieldsCompare

    This project intends to give the software tools to evaluate and compare estimated motion fields in cardiac imaging applications.

  • OsiriX Plug-ins

    Development of novel image processing tools based on OsiriX.

  • StrainComp

    MATLAB Software package for the computation and display of various strain measurements from displacement fields.

  • VV

    VV is an open-source and cross platform image viewer, designed for fast and simple visualization of spatio-temporal images: 2D, 2D+t, 3D and 3D+t (or 4D) images. It is more specifically designed for qualitative evaluation of image registration and deformation field visualization. It also contains several tools for comparing images using transparency or fusion, visualizing vector fields and defining landmarks. With a modern graphic card, navigation is fast and smooth....

Also available in: Atom