FAQ and troubleshooting

Q: All my jobs are failing. What can I do?

A: open your simulation in simulation monitor and check the job minor status in tab "Jobs Summary"

Q: Some jobs failed. Is it an issue?

A: your jobs will be resubmitted a few times (6). Less than 10% of job failures may only indicate some turbulences on the execution system (e.g. a file is not accessible from 1 computing site or the simulator doesn't work properly on 1 site); you should get your results. If the error rate grows beyond 10% then check the previous answer.

Q: I can't find the application I am interested in. What can I do?

Q: I have a beginner account. Do I need an advanced one?

A: A beginner account will allow you to use most of the platform functionnalities. You will need an advanced account if you want to have multiple application executions in parallel or if you need write access to group folders.

Q: I have a beginner account. How can I get an advanced one?

A: You need to get a personal certificate and to join the biomed VO. Please contact us for further information.