What is MRI Characterization?

MRI Characterization is an automatic post-treatment of MRI acquisition which characterizes, by imaging, the radio frequency (RF) coils in term of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) correlated to a uniform volume located in depth. The main interest is to compare the RF coils on a MRI system to find the one that is the most suitable for a study or to compare the MRI systems between themselves. Comparison can be done on Bruker, Siemens, GE or Philips MRI systems. Secondary interest is to realize a quality control of the MRI system + RF coil throughout the time. And the last interest is to find an optimal performance of the MRI system by changing the sequence parameters and/or by changing the configuration of the coil (position, operating mode, etc...).

Within VIP, you can currently:
A more detailed documentation, as well as some examples of final reports, MRI sequence for Bruker, and a CAD of a phantom are available by clicking on the links below: