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Medical imaging applications as a service

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VIP is a web portal for medical imaging applications. It allows you to access scientific applications as a service (directly through your web browser with no installation required), as well as distributed computing resources in a transparent manner. It exploits the resources available in the biomed virtual organization of the EGI e-infrastructure to offer an open service to researchers worldwide.
This portal is exclusively dedicated to non-commercial academic use, as indicated in the terms of use. For commercial use, Please contact us at vip-support@creatis.insa-lyon.fr.

Scientific applications as a Service

Use existing applications on VIP & Import your own application and make it available to the community

Transparent access to computing resources

VIP uses EGI biomed resources in a transparent way

Various use-cases

Scientific challenges & Web portal and API

List of Applications

This is the list of applications publicly available on VIP. You can see in the last colum which group(s) give access to each application. Once registered and logged onto VIP, you can configure the groups you belong to by accessing your account page. Please refresh the VIP page after updating your groups to apply the change.

# Application Name Classes Groups

List of Publications

# Title Type Journal, Conference or Book Name Authors Date VIP Application

Current team

Sorina Pop
Project Manager - CREATIS

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Axel Bonnet
Main developer - CREATIS

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Gaël Vila
Post-Doctorant - ReproVIP

More info about ReproVIP project

Sandesh Patil
Research Engineer - FLI-IAM

More info about FLI-IAM project

Alexandre Cornier
Research Engineer - EGI-ACE

More info about EGI-ACE project

Former contributors to the projects

Tristan Glatard
VIP Founder
Associate Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering - Concordia University

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Rafael Ferreira da Silva
Senior Research Scientist - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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The platform's steering committee

Olivier Beuf
Director of CREATIS laboratory

Deputy Director INSA Lyon in charge of digital
Jérôme Pansanel
Technical Director at IPHC